5 Bedroom Interior Design Disasters (And How To Fix Them)

The bedroom is not the place for disasters, especially not an interior design disaster, but have no fear I will of course share with you what they are and how to fix them! #garrettlechic #interiordesign #bedroomdecor Comment, Like and Subscribe! Follow Me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/garrettlechic/ Videos To Watch: Design Details You Are Missing: https://youtu.be/yo8-t9x_Rtw Interior Design Basics You Need To Know: https://youtu.be/lXQDSCu159Q Design Styles I Don’t Like And How To Fix Them: https://youtu.be/nj-FbAfdnUM My Unpopular Design Opinions:https://youtu.be/0Obfwv2Qud8 Shop My Amazon Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/garrettlechic Studio Details: *My Drapes: https://rstyle.me/+fCWWkxN6sirHyVPECrWk6g My sofa: https://www.kardiel.com/swagger-83-fabric-sofa-blanc-boucle/ Artwork by Itzchak Tarkay Wall Color: Valspar “Asiago” 6005-1A * Indicates an affiliate link Welcome to the channel! I’m formally educated with a college degree in interior design. My husband and I started this channel to discuss practical real world interior decorating techniques, and to present a multitude of interior design styles. Our videos explore everything from the ultra luxury to budget friendly designs, and decorating ideas. We want you to have a good time watching our videos, while learning a great deal of useful information. Subscribers are not a commodity to us. They are very respected, and valued members of our channel family! This Video Is Not Sponsored

24 thoughts on “5 Bedroom Interior Design Disasters (And How To Fix Them)

  1. Thanks for watching our video! Please take a moment to subscribe to the channel, and give the video a like. I truly appreciate it!😊😊😊

  2. Getting ready to redo my bedroom. Going to re-watch your videos for clarity and help. Thanks ✌️💜🖌

  3. Fabulous as always! I loved the hotel-like room with the lacquered blonde furniture, and agree the bedspread and lighting needed help. Still, it inspired me as you always do.
    Keep up the great work, Garrett. I know you will soon soar!

  4. Happy New Year from Queensland, Australia. Thank-you Garrett for your informative videos, I enjoy watching them and seeing all the different styling ideas. All the best, Mia 🌻

    1. Happy new year Mia!
      Glad you are enjoying! Thanks for watching, and please take a moment if you haven’t already, and join our very valued subscriber family.😊

  5. That second bedroom feels like the twin boys under five room, lolz. Crazy level childproofed because it has to be. They can’t get tangled up in vertical blinds and can’t climb up to reach the window. No sharp corners on the beds. Wide open space to run around or kick a ball. And the light fixture can’t get stuff thrown up stuck in it or light on fire or break a lightbulb.

  6. Bonjour 🤍
    Been following the channel for quite some time, I adore your taste and style & I often see you being so sweet to actively respond to comments so I wanted to give it a shot and kindly ask for your opinion on a possible big investment piece, I‘m not yet 100% sure about.

    I‘ve been looking for an area rug for a large, empty space .. not sure on going for a more sophisticated traditional grand millenial or a neutral modern look in the end at the moment, just being sure I don‘t want a simple shade viscose rug and then I stumbled upon the Byzantine wool rug from Layered (either in off white or misty sky).
    I love that it has depth thus visual interest and can picture it at the same time as a base for modern and vintage pieces. Do you think it has the potential to be a good versatile choice & future proof for style changes, same as bouclé accent pieces like your sofa?
    The size I need (300×400) will run me back around 1700€/$1800, which is nothing in comparison to the $4000 investment piece you have in your living room but makes it hard for me to casually pull the trigger and just order it. If you have different suggestions for a better, more beautiful area rug you would personally rather go for please let me know too.

    Would love to hear your opinion & suggestion 💙 I really hope the comment is not too long, thank you for taking the time to read it. Love from Europe and much success on YT in 2023.

    1. Thanks so much for watching, and for supporting the channel by subscribing. I’m sorry, but unfortunately I could not advise you as to whether the pricing or the rug is appropriate, a good value or if it’s considered an investment piece. I’d have to see any selections, and of course research it. I would suggest seeking qualified and experienced experts perhaps in your area or a major city in your country that are familiar with these rugs, brand and it’s quality to advise you before making a purchase. Also, I’d have to see the space and get to know your tastes and decorating objectives as well. At this time, however, I’m not doing individual interior decorating consultations. Have a very happy new year!

  7. The last bedroom with the lampshades that are taller than the headboard…..if some nice, framed pictures were above the headboard (there weren’t any in the video), would the height of the pictures balance the lampshades with the headboard?

  8. Hello 👋 currently we sleep in a very small room, I make the best of it because we have no choice but I’m happy to say we are going to be adding a master suite to our home which we deserve and I can’t wait to start designing it. Great video as always 😊

  9. Be careful though. The second bedroom (the one with the sloped walls) is a big Feng Shui no-no. At least for a permanent bedroom.

  10. Hi Garrett, LOVED the “PEOPLE” u made up that live in those bedrooms 😂😂😂. For ALL the bedrooms they all seemed lifeless. They need Art..be it on the wall, floor, sculpture. There was no focal point in any of those rooms that made me see it and smile. A Le Chic room always tells a story and Barb and David’s says yawn 😂.

  11. Once again – as always – a great video from you providing us with so much elegant insight and ideas for us subscribers to use in our own space. I for one am really thinking about a brick wall in my sleeping room. Never ever would I have come across that idea, had you not mentioned it. What a great suggestion that I really appreciate.
    Speaking of us subscribers: What do you think of the idea (perhaps you did that in the past, then sorry) that we send pictures of our rooms to you and you pick out some and give your advice on how to elevate that space?
    Otherwise thank you so much for your expertise. It is incredible what I have learned from you so far.

    1. Thanks Marion! I appreciate your support very much. I have been thinking about the video you mentioned, but oddly it didn’t perform well which surprised me. That was an indication to me that it wasn’t a topic people overall had a great deal of interest in. My goal is to always produce videos people want to watch and are interested in. We don’t want to become a channel where I just make videos talking about whatever I want. Our subscribers are the most important part of the channel. We are thinking about starting a virtual service in the future on limited schedule basis for subscribers that would like to book an individual decorating consultation. Happy New Year! We have allot of great content coming. 😊😊😊

  12. I just finished redecorating over two plus years. I bought a new bed which I love. And now I’ve been seeing that the new look for headboards are headboards that span across the width of the wall. Two years ago I didn’t know about this trend. Who can keep up with all the newest trends, not to mention the expense? I think you just have to be content and pleased with what you’ve done and enjoy living with it. And not beat yourself up over every little thing that you think you Should have done. I selected what I thought I loved at the time. But now I think I’d choose certain things differently than I did two years ago. But too much has been invested, and I’m enjoying what has been done, for the most part! 😊. Very informative video. Happy New Year!

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